Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Success Stories

Here are a few of the fantastic students who are thriving at Génesis thanks to the generous support of our sponsors.  The bios are taken from teachers’ notes in the 2011-2012 school year.

AGE 11
Cristina is a bright, sweet and very responsible child.  She always does her work on time at home and in class and behaves well in the classroom.  Her behavior is very respectful and she gets along very well with her classmates and teachers. She missed a bit of school this year due to frequent colds but it never seemed to set her back academically; she consistently received the highest grades in her class.

AGE 13
Daniel is a truly outstanding student.  He received the highest possible grades this year, making him the top student in the 6th grade class.  He loves English class and won first place in the 2011 spelling bee.  He also excels at public speaking in Spanish.  He gave a speech on the establishment of the province of Manabí and competed at the regional level in the Tax Accountability and Awareness Competition put on by the S.R.I. (Ecuador’s internal revenue agency).  He performed wonderfully with his classmates in the Family Day dance performance, Open House presentations, Christmas choir and  the School Olympics.

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