Thursday, July 19, 2012

Become a Donor

There are two ways to become part of the Genesis of Ecuador Program’s mission: become a donor, or become a volunteer.   

Here you will find all of the information you need to donate now, and make a real difference in the lives of Manabí's children.

Why Donate?
(picture.- Sandra Cox, the Director of The program)
Too many Ecuadorian children lack access to regular, high quality education.  Without this opportunity, they do not have the options in life that we in developed countries often take for granted. 

By donating through the GEP, you invest in Ecuador’s children.  Your support allows us to shape the future leaders of Manabí and to break the cycle of poverty for these children and their families.

To remain focused on empowering local schools and communities with cultural understanding, the GEP does not seek funding from religious, corporate or government agencies.  We rely entirely on support from independent donors who believe in our values and support our goals. 

Help us help the communities of Manabí to build a better future through education.

How to Donate:

1. Sponsor a Student

Make a personal connection with a bright, deserving child in need by sponsoring a student’s tuition at La Primero de Octubre school.  

We give students the advantages of  qualified teachers, a safe and comfortable learning environment plus classes in English and computing . 

Our donors make this opportunity a reality for students who would otherwise study in underfunded public schools.

As a sponsor, you will receive a photograph of your scholarship student(s) and quarterly updates about their academic progress and achievements.  We also encourage and facilitate written communication between donors and students. 

No amount of support is too large or small to help these children, but below we have listed some recommended amounts based on the annual cost of a child’s education:

Full Scholarship                                 US$250                
Tuition, books
2. Sponsor a Project

By sponsoring a project, you help us reach specific goals that advance education for the children of Manabí.  

You help us set our priorities by allocating your donation to a specific project.  Below are descriptions of our current projects with their total costs. 

Every donation at every amount brings us closer to achieving these goals.

Project 1 : Increase Teacher Salaries at Primero de Octubre
Why: The three teachers at Primero de Octubre, in the midst of Manabí’s vast, hilly countryside, each earn 2,000 USD per year.  They each teach two different age groups at the same time with very limited resources and curricular support.  The GEP takes responsibility for one third of teacher salaries, or 2,500 USD per year, but we would like to increase that contribution to 5,000 USD.    These teachers need and deserve higher salaries.
Cost: 5,000 USD/year

Project 2: The Hotel.- Been a helper in our new Project, that is a small hotel in Bahia. Part of the earnings will go to support our Program. If you have some skills in the hospitality area, kitchen, customer service, this will be a great opportunity for you.

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